"Beauty will save the world"
- Dostoevsky

Phone Charms, Keyrings

How pretty is your mobile phone? Every cell phone could do with a little cheering up and here we have a wonderful selection of cell phone charm dangles.

Russian nesting dolls are in fashion now so be trendy and wear this little cutie on your mobile, Ipod or handbag. And remember family and friends, they would love cell phone charms as a gift.

Our stylish cell phone charms have a tiny Matryoshka hanging from a strap. This wooden Russian doll is hand painted in Russia and lacquered.

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Babushka Doll Keyring
In Stock: 28

Babushka Doll Keyring


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Nesting Doll Keyring
In Stock: 6

Nesting Doll Keyring


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  • High Quality Matryoshka Charm/Strap
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Use this charm with all types of gadgets – cell phones, purses, wallets, laptops, fanny packs, Ipods, luggage, mp3 players, dog leashes and many more!
  • Fashionable wooden Russian doll hand painted in Russia and lacquered
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